FOR SALE: Please Read before contacting. Due to circumstances, I must sell so I'm letting car go for a steal! I have a Project Car I'm in the Middle of. Its a Replica of a 2001 Lamborghini Diablo . The Body is already mounted and painted on a MODIFIED chassis of a Pontiac Fiero (best choice of a car to use) with Lamborghini wheels and Tires. Everything is exact to measurements and specs ! Needless to say the hard part as been completed lol! .. Headlights have been installed, tail lights have been fitted, Hood and Trunk opens, and doors flip up, very very close to being completed! So, Where I'm at now with it, is basically hooking up and wiring motor and transmission in which is already in the car and then installing custom interior and installing all glass work ( front/back windshields , front/back windows). That pretty much sums up where I'm at with the car. Asking only $12,500 !! If you have any questions or concerns You can reach me at 561-935-8365 car is located in West Palm Beach, FL -Lance 



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