It is a '99 Porsche Boxster that makes a '99 Lamborghini Diablo vt roadster shift stick 5 speeds. It has original Lamborghini rims with brand new tires. Original lights. Original door handles and locks. Original emblems etc. It has remote operated windows. Power mirrors. Airbags etc. all the Porsche specs and everything works. Hydraulic front suspension as the original Functional top with all the hardware on the top as well in the rear bonnet where the top attaches when in use
Mommo seats. Not the cheap ones. $1000 each Red carpet on the interior from the same manufacturer that provides. Lamborghini Pioneer sound system with 2 woofers and 4 speakers. Ice cold A/C. Hella fog lights. Apple candy red original paint.

it is NOT made from different parts from different was a whole running car with no problems when it was built....
it is a kit built on a Porsche not a cheap Fiero or custom made car.......ALL the safety features are in working order as they were when it left the factory in Germany....
safety is a very delicate issue that a lot builders oversee in this kind of cars

i have too many cars...and it is impossible for me to keep them all in this economy

The car is located in Moreno Valley, CA

Please don't waste my or your time trying to sell it for me or making ridiculous low offers

You can reach or text me at 310-749-1063 ask for Miriam





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