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FNFAB Fred Nelson Fabrication


*See the 5 basic steps to construction click here

*Misc. FNFAB photos CLICK HERE (Lamborghini Kit car in progress photos)

*See Fred at El Mirage Dry Lake on his Suzuki TL1000R motorcycle. 151.575  mph  CLICK HERE

Here are few fifteen dollar projects:

Clcik to enlargePROJECT: Lower Rear Grills.   I elected this particular configuration (seen on a race car)Click to enlarge for it's simplicity. To make the outer grills, first a cardboard pattern was cut to the shape of the opening. Next, the pattern was traced onto expanded sheet metal with a felt tipped marker. 1/2 inch allowance was made all around the pattern to allow for a "lip" to be bent all around the part. The expanded sheet was cut by hand using a tin snips then bent into shape using a medium sized vice grips and a small bench vise. Each grill was made to precisely fit it's opening and took about three hours to fabricate and mount.

Labor: Six hours.  Parts: expanded sheet metal, mounting hardware. Estimated Cost: $15.00 a day.