FOR SALE: Lamborghini Countach kit car replica of a 1988 5000s. Built in 2002 with a custom tube chassis, stock Corvette LT1 V8, custom 5-speed manual Griffin trans-axle under a Kustom Motorcar's fiberglass kit. This car was build professionally (by Luc Chartrand of HHT, builder of Canada's first supercar) in 2002 for a customer in Quebec where the car was first registered. I purchased the car from the 2nd owner that had it for 2 years. I have had the car 9 years and done a number of video's including one for selling the car; There is a full history of the car from day one 9 years ago starting with the website and the first year with the car at  Later I started a blog to document the car at  this has all of the history plus all the videos done of the car. Selling the car to use the money for a family business and help my son with his build. The car is well known in the replica industry. Serious inquires only please. NOW $46,000
Website:   Email: -Todd



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