FOR SALE: This is a beautiful one of a kind Lamborghini Diablo VT. Originally built for the movie Redline, you can now own a piece of movie memorabilia. She has also attended many movie car shows, been used in Chick Fi La events and promotions and has has several Dream3On special events preformed. This baby will turn heads and stun crowds wherever you drive her. If you are not used to being treated or looked at as a star then you better hold on! You will not be able to drive anywhere without peoples cameras coming out. People will come up to you wherever you may go to take photographs. This is a rare car built by NAERC. There are very few that are still driving that are of this model so it truly is a great investment. The vehicle is listed and powered by a 1986 Fiero Gt. The engine has many upgrades to it which was preformed by the certified builder to enhance its performance for the movie. The windows work and it is in excellent mechanical condition. All of the work ever preformed on her was done through the famous Whitby Motors. They are world known for the Factory Five builds as well as holding the patent to build the Shelby Cobras! This beauty never overheats. Through a special design preformed by Whitby Motors, air is constantly forced upon the radiator which eliminates the need for extra fans, radiators or other extra cooling devices.
The vehicle is well worth the $50,240 asking price but I will consider any reasonable offers. I also know all of the scams out there so please don't waste my time. The vehicle is not mint and could use a fresh coat of paint and interior upgrades. You can contact me at  or text 336-255-2125 -Eric   



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